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52 week poetry


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A Playwright’s Progess

Originally posted on Jamie Zubairi:
I’ve started a new project recently. Or I’m revisiting a project that I started last year, Caged Bird Sings which was entered at the Lost Theatre in Stockwell Solo showcase and then selected to be…

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Lines Unbroken

Well it’s been a month since the last performance of Unbroken Line and my thoughts are already to “what next?”. It took me 3 years to conceive and create the ideas that came to be in this play, ideas which … Continue reading

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Boy From Brazil

 Recently I have been working telling passing strangers stories from my life as part of a larger piece of art in London. Sometimes these stories spark conversations with these strangers. This is one such conversation. There are many like it. … Continue reading

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#poem: Cucumbered

I wish I could live without the burden of my fears. To talk unencumbered by facts that scare Just truths. To paint the story, To trust the course of colour As it journeys to its ending. This is a poem … Continue reading

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[unbroken line] Opening My Legs More

I had my first Balinese Dance lesson yesterday at Puja’s place where she lives with her husband in North London. Their home really reminds me of being back in Kuala Lumpur, where houses on hillsides of Kenny Hill and Damansara … Continue reading

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Unbroken Lines

Well, I thought I would start blogging about my progress and process of how UNBROKEN LINE has come about. It came to me April 2011 when Kath Burlinson and I were working on it in Suffolk over a few days. … Continue reading

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