Unbroken Lines

Well, I thought I would start blogging about my progress and process of how UNBROKEN LINE has come about.

It came to me April 2011 when Kath Burlinson and I were working on it in Suffolk over a few days. We had completely torn apart what was “Skylarking” from 2010. Initially I didn’t like the beginning which was me talking to a computer and the audience. But it really wasn’t theatrical enough as an experience.

After much discussion, a few close tears, some improvisations (one memorable improvisation involving a cake that my mum made for a birthday which might find its way into another play somewhere) it was evident that we were structuring a very different play to SKYLARKING 2010. This was something deeper, something which I knew was going to be bigger than anything I’d tackled before in my writing: my heritage. What it means to be Malaysian. What it means to live on this earth, How Do you Do What you Do When You No Longer Are What You Are. Does Dolah find the answer? Who knows. Kath and I gave myself the luxury of not having a deadline to make any decisions on that part.

Fast forward a year later: we have a date for the debut of this new play. December 2012 at the Oval House Theatre Studio.

Meanwhile, here am, writing a play, is a year after that structural workshop and the date of December is set. There are a lot of things to do. This is where I start blogging about it.


About skylarkingzooby

Actor, Artist, Professional Voiceover. Creative person who has coined his process 'Skylarking'.
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