[poem] They Came On Bicycles

I thought I would start recording my poems in order that I would get better at reading them and delivering them.

I must have written this about 2 years ago now, coming up to 3 years ago, about something my dad told me about his childhood. He never speaks about his childhood.

Malaysia, or Malaya back then, during World War II is something that hasn’t really seen much made of on tv or films, beyond ‘Tenko’. I don’t think there has been much about it on tv. It was regarded as a shameful retreat for the British as they were forced south to the island of Singapore to escape being captured and tortured. Or was it? I didn’t watch Tenko. Only the parody.

Please feel free to comment those of you who have soundcloud. Even those of you that don’t, please feel free to comment. Comment is free.


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Actor, Artist, Professional Voiceover. Creative person who has coined his process 'Skylarking'.
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2 Responses to [poem] They Came On Bicycles

  1. Fantastic reading! Good quality sound recording. What kind of mics/equipment are you using?

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