I am an artist and studied watercolour painting under Chinese calligrapher David Sum in Kuala Lumpur and oils and acrylics under Andrew Burkitt. Graduated from Leicester DeMontfort University in 1992 after taking a Foundation Course there, to take up acting training at LAMDA in 1994.

Since 2007 when he returned to painting he has been part of 2 group exhibitions in London, including the opening exhibition of Peckham Space in December 2010.

Currently he is working on a project which involves his visual response to a charity trek in Nepal which involved trekking up to Base Camp on Mt Everest and photographing the worlds highest cricket game; and a one man play which involves comedy, dance, poetry and live art.

You can purchase high quality prints of my work at SaatchiOnline here or as cards and other formats from RedBubble here.


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