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#actor or #artist

In the weeks since performing and creating Unbroken Line Line, there has been a shift in my perception of my place in this… industry. In October I agreed to be part of the re-tour of a play I had done … Continue reading

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Lines Unbroken

Well it’s been a month since the last performance of Unbroken Line and my thoughts are already to “what next?”. It took me 3 years to conceive and create the ideas that came to be in this play, ideas which … Continue reading

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#UnbrokenLine Midway Through Thoughts

My whole family are in tonight. I always get nervous when they’re in anyway but there are some lines which I find difficult to express anyway, nevermind in front of my family. For all Dolah’s yearning Joseph’s bitterness and for … Continue reading

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[Unbroken Line] Looking back at the start

I wanted to look at my genealogy as it was always interesting to me. I had discovered my Mum’s parentage all the way back to 1801 (when records started to get sketchy) but I’ve never found much about my Dad’s … Continue reading

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[unbrokenLine] Balinese Dance Class by Jamie Zubairi

I got in touch with Balinese dancer and teacher Ni Madé Pujawati who is a member of S.E.A. Arts who lives and works here in London. Over a coffee in a cafe in Hampstead Heath I told her about my … Continue reading

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Thank You Louise Bourgeois

I received an email from a friend last week which had a a footer a quote from the artist Louise Bourgeois which went “An artist can show things that other people are terrified of expressing.” Rather than being obvious, it … Continue reading

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Thanks Jo Caird

Hello all I was having one of those weeks where I’ve started re-evaluating my year so far and The Resolutions. Not just ‘Stop Playing Bejeweled Blitz’ but ‘Spend more time with Actual Friends, look after myself more’ and all that. … Continue reading


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[acting] where am I going?

I’m on my way to an audition for a commercial. Nothing life changing, financially, just something that’ll make life a tiny but easier and it’ll be good for the showreel. Financially it’ll be like making a month’s salary in a … Continue reading

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A January That Gets Busier and Busier

if anyone had told me that my career would suddenly go into overdrive, I wouldn’t have believe them. Continue reading

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Hello world!

Introduction to Skylarking Blog by Jamie Zubairi Continue reading

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