Boy From Brazil

 Recently I have been working telling passing strangers stories from my life as part of a larger piece of art in London. Sometimes these stories spark conversations with these strangers. This is one such conversation. There are many like it.

Boy From Brazil

Boy From Brazil

Is in Europe alone

Needs to make money

To help his parents

Look after his sister.

Boy from Brazil

Bought an art shop bag.

Did he have friends?

He saw he was a speck of dust,


I said he was to someone

And he held out a hand

And cried.

Boy from Brazil

Couldn’t be held by me.

I looked on helplessly

As the guard told him to leave,

We were closing

And down came our shutters.



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Unbroken Line Ticket Offers

Soon I will be announcing some excellent ticket offers from Ovalhouse for Unbroken Line for you earlybirders who are organised and know what you’re doing in December in terms of office parties and nights out. Sign up and subscribe to get these offers delivered directly into your inbox.

Looking forward to a rather busy November with rehearsals, production meetings and such the like going on the whole time. It’s going to be hectic but I’ll try to post other creative things too.

Keep safe

ZoobyJamie Zubairi and A Paintbrush

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#poem: Cucumbered

I wish I could live without the burden of my fears.
To talk unencumbered by facts that scare

Just truths.
To paint the story,
To trust the course of colour
As it journeys to its ending.
This is a poem about paint drying
About letting things happen
They just land

And grow.

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WeFund Updates from #Unbroken Line

Dear friends,

After only 40 or so days my friends and colleagues have managed to pledge (and pay directly) an amazing £1398 – or 62% of what I’ve been looking to raise to help fund Unbroken Line, the play I’m producing. It was £100 down until this afternoon until a friend of mine pledged that amount for some graphic design I did for her show. You see, Art for Art. That’s how it’s working with me.

I’ve been really lucky and grateful that everyone so far has been so generous and giving to this project of mine. Your pledged donations have been received with much thanks and much honour. I’ve been busy with the play and preparations for it that I haven’t really spoken about it when I see people, mainly because I haven’t met up with many of my friends. It’s been a lonely trek so far but it’s about to get busy with my collaborators coming on board soon.

Reblog, retweet, re-everything it if you can’t afford anything from £1 to £1000… and remember even for a £1 you get a thank you on the website! A fiver gets you a postcard print of a painting; a tenner gets you a hand painted postcard and a regular postcard, £20 gets you a limited edition print, unmounted; £25 gets you a mounted painting (small)… I could go on but the WeFund page has ALL the minor details. Here’s an example of my work on video:

Jamie Zubairi Paintings from Jamie Zubairi on Vimeo.

You can see my donations page here and the Official Wefund video is also on that page, which has a little clip of what you’re helping to produce by your patronage. NB some people have found the Wefund page a little tricky or glitchy. They’ve paypal’d me directly using my email address which is You can see that there have been several donations pledged by me. That is why.

If you know anyone who is looking for a painting for their front room or that really wants to feel that they can directly benefit from being a patron to my play, please pass this on to them. I have an email template if you would like that too. Send me a message

Thank you for reading


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Protected: Hope-Riding Commission

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

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[Unbroken Line] Photoshoot

A few weeks ago, my brother and his wife, Adam and Linda Zubairi, a photographic (and photogenic) couple headed to my painting studio with their photographic equipment to take shots of me posing and talking for future publicity and marketing shots of Unbroken Line.
Here are a few of the best shots. I really like them and they had fun doing them but it was odd for me (I know, a natural entertainer and hack) to be a little shy in posing for these shots.

Linda is also an excellent cook and foodblogger and has her own website which is about her love of German cuisine and how it is more than just sausages and sauerkraut. Here it is here: MoreThanSausages

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WeFunding for Unbroken Line

I have been working on the editing of my Wefund video for some weeks now. It started at the end of July when keen special effects editor Jason Dean gave up a day during his holiday to help me shoot this video. After meeting him at Paddington and treating him to a Malaysian lunch at C&R Cafe in Rupert Court we head to the Haymerle studio where Sioned has left me all the room available in order to shoot in as big space as possible.
We try out several things and record the sound to a different track and it’s all tickety boo and quite fun. I try out an idea I have playing with multiple characters to reflect the play (but change my mind and go for a simpler approach to WeFund videos.)

When I get home I download everything to my blessed macbook and I make a start on the edit. It crashes. Panic ensues. Calls to various IT bods. Thank goodness for friends!

Cutting dull stories short, eventually I manage to restore my computer, edit the video and last night my WeFund page went live. Within a few hours it received its first pledge of support. Less than 12 hours later 2 more people pledge. I’ve now raised £100 in pledges. This is looking hopeful. Please watch the video on the page and support what you can.


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Scott Hampton Foundation Charity Event

Scott Hampton

Scott Hampton Foundation Charity Night

I have just had approval from Ovalhouse that one night in December will be a charity fundraiser event, where proceeds from the takings that night will be given to the Scott Hampton Foundation for Burkitt’s Lymphoma. Burkitt’s lymphoma is a type of non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and affects around 200 people in the UK each year and is the most commonly diagnosed in teenagers and young adults. Around a third of these cases are in children. How the disease develops remains unclear but research has shown that the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) may be involved. Scott Hampton, who trained with me at LAMDA, was struck down in 2005 with the disease and the foundation was set up to fund research into understanding the disease and finding a cure.

Currently I am raising funds to enable the performance of Unbroken Line to go on at Ovalhouse. I am waiting for the answer from the Arts Council of England to see if they will help with funding it. I also have a live WeFund pledge page where I am looking to raise £2250 to help with the rest of the funding. Already on my first day of 85, 3 people have raised £100 for me. This feels good going on my first day. Things are looking exciting folks!

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[Skylarking] The CGO Surgeries

Easter Bunnies at the Nash

A few months ago, (Easter to be exact) my head was full of quandary (and a mighty, mighty, mighty thirst…) over what to do with this process that I was developing with Skylarking (the process, not the 45 minute play) and what directions I could take it in. Thankfully, there was someone to go to who has very practical advice as well as a long and deep understanding of artistic practice . This is Chris Grady from Chris Grady Org (or CGO).
Over coffee and cake (well, this time it was Easter Bunnies, being the Easter weekend) Chris was very open and keen to help out with tips and pointers as to where I could take my process, in what shape I could take it to various groups: as workshops for both corporates as well as young people. After this meeting I was fired up to think about what ‘Skylarking’ is and where else I could go with it. Just as I was leaving, Chris’ next ‘patient’ (well, they are called surgeries) turned up and recognised me from a Skylarking event a week ago. Chris had not just 15 minutes ago asked me the question ‘What do other people think of the process?’. I was able to ask the chap to email me his thoughts, which he duly did a few days later, and I was pleasantly surprised and honoured by his feedback. If my quandary was fuelled by the lack of feedback from the event (I had to leave straightaway as I was part of another live painting event on the other side of town) his feedback certainly motored me on. Funny that. I’m not saying that synchronicitous happenings like that happen because of Chris Grady (though, they do happen often around him!) things happen because I ask the right people the right questions. In this diverse industry one of those ‘right people’ is Chris Grady.
This is his blurb:
CGO offer a monthly one hour surgery for emerging artists and professionals. A chance to share a new project, explore a stuck point in your creative journey from a business-like viewpoint, and seek connections which might move you forward
These sessions are held in London, on the south bank, over a cup of coffee and are designed for arts producers/creators, writers, and artists of any discipline. We have been offering this service 8 or 9 times a year for 5 years. You would be most welcome to take a slot and pay what you can

Next Dates: Sat 18 August and Sat 8 September. 

For more information go to and email to book a slot.

‘Chris has a love of possibility and a love of connection – a natural maven and an alert listener, you’ll be given his complete attention and come away on fire and in focus. He understands that sharing knowledge makes us all richer.’
Peta Lily, Theatremaker and Dark Clown
Each artist when booking will now get a short email giving them the CGO account into which they can anonymously put a payment before the course. They will also get a follow-up email with any contacts and suggestions we can make for them and a reminder, this time, to pay what its worth.
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[Unbroken Line] Looking back at the start

I wanted to look at my genealogy as it was always interesting to me. I had discovered my Mum’s parentage all the way back to 1801 (when records started to get sketchy) but I’ve never found much about my Dad’s heritage. During Skylarking 2009 which was an hour long semi improvised look at my dad’s experience during the Japanese Occupation of Malaya, I had found out that my Dad’s mum was born in Acheh, Sumatra, in 1911. This tiny detail sparked a whole inquiry into what was there, but no one really knows the history of Puteh Ashaari (I don’t even know her maiden name, everything is so sketchy) but it set off fireworks in my head.

I wanted to be immersed in the cultural heritage of South East Asia I quickly headed to the Internet to find everything I could. People to speak to, things to see.

I’d googled gamelan London and had got in touch with some contacts.

My trip back after that visit to Suffolk was followed quickly to St Luke’s in Old St where I had booked to see LilaCita, a London-based gamelan orchestra, in a performance. I had contacted a lady called Made Ni Pujawati, a Balinese dancer who teaches a troupe of dancers called Lila Bhawa, also in London.

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