[Skylarking] The CGO Surgeries

Easter Bunnies at the Nash

A few months ago, (Easter to be exact) my head was full of quandary (and a mighty, mighty, mighty thirst…) over what to do with this process that I was developing with Skylarking (the process, not the 45 minute play) and what directions I could take it in. Thankfully, there was someone to go to who has very practical advice as well as a long and deep understanding of artistic practice . This is Chris Grady from Chris Grady Org (or CGO).
Over coffee and cake (well, this time it was Easter Bunnies, being the Easter weekend) Chris was very open and keen to help out with tips and pointers as to where I could take my process, in what shape I could take it to various groups: as workshops for both corporates as well as young people. After this meeting I was fired up to think about what ‘Skylarking’ is and where else I could go with it. Just as I was leaving, Chris’ next ‘patient’ (well, they are called surgeries) turned up and recognised me from a Skylarking event a week ago. Chris had not just 15 minutes ago asked me the question ‘What do other people think of the process?’. I was able to ask the chap to email me his thoughts, which he duly did a few days later, and I was pleasantly surprised and honoured by his feedback. If my quandary was fuelled by the lack of feedback from the event (I had to leave straightaway as I was part of another live painting event on the other side of town) his feedback certainly motored me on. Funny that. I’m not saying that synchronicitous happenings like that happen because of Chris Grady (though, they do happen often around him!) things happen because I ask the right people the right questions. In this diverse industry one of those ‘right people’ is Chris Grady.
This is his blurb:
CGO offer a monthly one hour surgery for emerging artists and professionals. A chance to share a new project, explore a stuck point in your creative journey from a business-like viewpoint, and seek connections which might move you forward
These sessions are held in London, on the south bank, over a cup of coffee and are designed for arts producers/creators, writers, and artists of any discipline. We have been offering this service 8 or 9 times a year for 5 years. You would be most welcome to take a slot and pay what you can

Next Dates: Sat 18 August and Sat 8 September. 

For more information go to www.chrisgrady.org and email to book a slot.

‘Chris has a love of possibility and a love of connection – a natural maven and an alert listener, you’ll be given his complete attention and come away on fire and in focus. He understands that sharing knowledge makes us all richer.’
Peta Lily, Theatremaker and Dark Clown
Each artist when booking will now get a short email giving them the CGO account into which they can anonymously put a payment before the course. They will also get a follow-up email with any contacts and suggestions we can make for them and a reminder, this time, to pay what its worth.

About skylarkingzooby

Actor, Artist, Professional Voiceover. Creative person who has coined his process 'Skylarking'.
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