Graduates Offer

Attention to all acting and drama school recent graduates:

I am offering a half day recording session to enable you to get your voiceover career started with the best chance at the most affordable cost of £75

If you have been thinking about getting into the voiceovers industry as an artist but can’t afford to pay hundreds of pounds for a voicereel, then consider my session. A 3 hour session in the relaxed atmosphere of my home where I will assess your voice and advise you on the type of reel that you should aim for, and the variety of clips that you should have.

Or, if you already have material, then all the better!

What you will get:

A 3 and a half hour session that you can use for advice, script searching, voice assessment and recording. If you require more than one edited version, for example Spotlight do not want more than 2 minutes, some agencies want 1 minute of edited material, and websites just want the individual clips – for example if you speak a foreign language as well as English, you might want these separated. If you want a more corporate reel as well as a commercial reel, as long as we have got these down in the recording then there is no extra cost. Additional edits may take more time to deliver once recording is complete.

Oh and endless cups of tea/coffee!

Please contact me at voice [at] for more details.

Not a recent graduate?

Just follow me on any two of these pages you’ll get the same deal.

either Twitter: ZoobyVoice and/or JamieZoob and/or Facebook: Jamie Zubairi and/or WordPress: Jamie Zubairi

Here’s what they’ve been saying:

Gabby Wong@WhatWent_Wong : Thorough prep, generous advice and direction, lovely editing. If u need a voicereel, go @ZoobyVoice. #VoiceOver

Louise Mayor Any actor friends of mine looking to record a voice reel should pay attention to this – I did mine with Jamie ‘Zooby’ Zubairi and it’s great!

About Me:
I graduated from LAMDA in 1997 and have been acting steadily since then from the West End, to television appearances in Holby City and Grange Hill and radio drama for BBC Radio 4. From 2006 to 2007I was a regular voice for Al-Jazeera in English, a worldwide satellite channel, working with a variety of directors and producers. This gave me the most experience in the industry. This year I undertook a radio editing course under Neil Hamilton who is a sound designer and engineer with a vast knowledge and expertise in the industry. Since then I’ve been slowly building up my client list of voiceover artists who are looking for affordable voice-reel demo recordings. I record using a SE Electronics 2200A Studio Condenser Mic with a Saffire Pro-14 Pre-Amp. The sound quality has been judged by my many clients world-wide as being clear, crisp and warm to listen to.

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