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Thanks Jo Caird

Hello all I was having one of those weeks where I’ve started re-evaluating my year so far and The Resolutions. Not just ‘Stop Playing Bejeweled Blitz’ but ‘Spend more time with Actual Friends, look after myself more’ and all that. … Continue reading

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[acting] where am I going?

I’m on my way to an audition for a commercial. Nothing life changing, financially, just something that’ll make life a tiny but easier and it’ll be good for the showreel. Financially it’ll be like making a month’s salary in a … Continue reading

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The Unbroken Line. Wira – The Warrior

Skylarking Poems & Notes The Warrior: I have been living with the Warrior for a few weeks now, being with me everywhere I go, seeing London through his eyes, watching Life though his eyes. I thought I’d better write down … Continue reading

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A New Year

I am about procrastination. That’s been the regular thought in the forefront of my mind throughout most of the past few years. There is always something better to do than the menial and repetitive. It’s my New Year’s Resolution to … Continue reading

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