#UnbrokenLine Midway Through Thoughts

My whole family are in tonight. I always get nervous when they’re in anyway but there are some lines which I find difficult to express anyway, nevermind in front of my family. For all Dolah’s yearning Joseph’s bitterness and for Edith and Jack whose scene thankfully Kath made wordless otherwise I don’t think I’d be able to speak them tonight… Edith and Jack, who steal the show. Costumes for Edith and Jack were made by the lovely @CaroVeraClare (Caroline Mathias).

All the reviewers have done their reviews. Tonight is the benefit night for the Scott Hampton Foundation so it’s pretty full and there’s an additional post-show pressure of organising that auction with the help of Ms Alex Kelly. It has been amazing to have so many friends in every night, being so supportive. With 5 shows left it feels like I’ve got something that I can take wherever with me for a few years. Until the next show. Perhaps there’s something bubbling up already but Kath doesn’t want me to think about that until this run is over. This is my first outing. May it not be my last.

Zooby with Edith and Jack

Zooby with Edith and Jack


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