[acting] where am I going?

I’m on my way to an audition for a commercial. Nothing life changing, financially, just something that’ll make life a tiny but easier and it’ll be good for the showreel. Financially it’ll be like making a month’s salary in a day, after taxes, so that’s got to be something. This sounds like I’m complaining but I’m not. I guess I haven’t even got it yet but I’ve already divvied out the money between the little pots that require feeding whenever there’s plenty. At least I’m getting auditions – I know plenty of acting folk who haven’t heard from their agent in years. And I’ve heard of buyouts that are in their hundreds not the couple of thousand that this is promising. I’ll be using a technique that Denise Freeman told me about getting what you want. Let’s see if this works.


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Actor, Artist, Professional Voiceover. Creative person who has coined his process 'Skylarking'.
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2 Responses to [acting] where am I going?

  1. Canadian Performer's Money says:

    Break a leg!

    There are actor’s who stay with agents that haven’t caled them for years???!!!

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