[poem] Familiar – A poem


There it is again:

That yawn of poverty,

That call of ‘no’,

That empty bed,

That cold street,

That sickly feeling, bilious –

No thanks. All too familiar.

That sideways glance,

That shrugged shoulder,

That quick release of a handshake,

That feeling you get in here –

No thanks, all to familiar.

You become somehow numb,

You become cold and brittle,

Steeled, hollow, a rugged landscape,

Something somewhat hillier.

Please, take my hand, make it unfamiliar.

(possibly 24th November 2010)  © Jamie Zubairi

With thanks to Sioned Jones, Madame Charlatan Arcati and her Caravan of Poetry evenings in Clapham.


About skylarkingzooby

Actor, Artist, Professional Voiceover. Creative person who has coined his process 'Skylarking'.
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