A New Year

I am about procrastination. That’s been the regular thought in the forefront of my mind throughout most of the past few years.

There is always something better to do than the menial and repetitive. It’s my New Year’s Resolution to actually blog this year. Since I have more things to do than blog today (100 push-ups, tax return – on hold; line learning – immediate and a ball-ache – we go back into rehearsals tomorrow; editing the massive voice-over project that will hopefully give me a bit of dosh that would ease things for a little –  I’ve got a bit of time on that one but each section does seem to take 2 days of solid editing (I’ve done 2 of the 5 large sections, halfway through my third) and going to Tesco to buy Alpen (and chocolate) for the morning.

Ok. So this blog hasn’t started out as inspirational as I want to be but the fact is, I’ve started. Small steps. Like the voiceover editing, like the tax return, like the line-learning. Small steps. I’ve done nearly half of my editing, most of my lines have been learnt, they just need working on their feet and I’ve done 42 push-ups, I’ve done the receipts section of my tax return and I’ve just written a blog. Now I’m going to make the small steps to Tesco to buy breakfast for the morning. And chocolates to celebrate my mini-goals so far.


Happy New Year everyone.




About skylarkingzooby

Actor, Artist, Professional Voiceover. Creative person who has coined his process 'Skylarking'.
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