A January That Gets Busier and Busier

From the onset I knew that this month was going to get very busy. I knew that I had my tax return to complete online by Jan 31st, I have the rewrites to my play to do by next week (more of a re-imagining really) for the 20 minute version for rehearsals next week with Mark and Nadia Swetz and then I have my Pulse Fringe Festival application to finish by Friday 22nd.

But if anyone had told me that my career would suddenly go into overdrive, I wouldn’t have believe them.  A call from my agent lets me know that I have an audition on the Friday for a small role in ‘Holby City’. I request for it to be in the morning so I can attend ‘Wolf’ rehearsals. Kath Burlinson’s ‘Wolf’ has a busy schedule in the next few months. She’s applied for Pulse, funding for Edinburgh as well as other things in the pipeline for it. It looks exciting for the project that we’ve been working on for nearly a year. We’re to call ourselves The Authentic Artist Collective which will be the umbrella for all of us and our projects.

I get to the audition late but they’re not that bothered. It was cutting it fine but I didn’t know that now Elstree and Borehamwood was in Zone 6 and it’s still on the Underground Zones so it doesn’t require a special ticket other than zone extension. I was at the automated ticket booth looking for tickets to that station but they wouldn’t sell any from the booth, I can see a train going in 5 minutes that’ll take me there. WHAT’S GOING ON?!?!?!? I get to the front of the queue of the ticket window this time and ask about tickets, he explains the situation by which time I’ve missed my train and I will be late. Oh well.

Anyway, the casting director is really nice when I get there and she explains that the director is taking a fagbreak. Well, at least he’s human. I audition, she’s remarks that I’ve tried to do it without referring to the text, which I think “unusual” but we do another take,  this time with me referring to my sides, she asks how old I am (the character I’m reading for is 38) the director gives me notes and it’s kind of done and dusted. As I’m leaving he asks “Can I grow a beard easily?”

“Yes.” More unusuality.

Anyway, I get back to Central London a little late for the rehearsals. Kath has invited Kerry to compose music for us and is improvising vocally, finding out what we’re capable of and how we sound.

We’ve taken a break and I’ve got a message from Peter saying to call him. I do. “When they want you, they want you.” BBC called. I’ve been offered the role. Overjoyed. My first proper telly in 10 years (also with the BBC) and not counting the adverts, the endless short films and corporates. It seems that they have paid off.

I call my folks and tell them the news. I tell my mum I’m going into hospital at the end of the month. Holby City. A bit cruel I know but it’s joyous news. Everyone congratulates me on the gig. I’m really pleased. Approval from my peers is key to me. A little worried about S who is a little concerned about the lack of work. I hope it comes her way soon. She’s bl**dy good.


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